International Book Award

The Devil's Hour received honorable mention for Horror Fiction 

Writers After Dark

A writer's community

Writers After Dark is co-hosted with Urban-Fantasy author S.K. Anthony. It is home of their humorous video series, Romance v Horror and their podcast series On Writing, and resources and articles on the writing craft.


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Romance v Horror


Nightmirrors is the home of award-winning, dark fiction author Raymond Esposito. A repository of his creative endeavors including links to his novels, podcasts, blogs and commentary.

Graveyard Radio

A mostly humorous, mostly sober video discussion on books, movies, memes, and the funny nuances of gender differences.

Creepy audio stories from the world of nightmirrors. One part twilight zone and one part old mystery radio ~ turn off the lights, lock the doors and have a listen with your host The Graveyard Master.

Readers' Favorite

International Book Award

You and Me Against the World received the bronze medal for Horror Fiction