About the Author

Raymond Esposito

Raymond Esposito is an award winning author of dark fiction and the author of The Creepers Saga, The Devil’s Hour, and several short stories, the latest of which appeared in Sanitarium Magazine. His first book, You and Me Against the World, won the Bronze medal in Horror from the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award and Honorable Mention in the UK’s Wishing Shelf Award. The Devil’s Hour won Honorable Mention in the Indie Fab award. He is also the host of  Graveyard Radio and co-host of the video blog Writers After Dark.

The middle of three brothers, middle-child syndrome led him, at an early age to discover the importance of placing his unique mark on the world. A latchkey kid of the 70's, his semi-supervised youth was filled with imagination, discovery, and self reliance. Many of those experience set the foundation for his stories.

A devout horror fan from the age of five when he saw The Omega Man at the drive-in, he spent many hours of his youth in the world of fiction. Authors such as Richard Matheson, Stephen King, and Peter Straub influenced his passion for story-telling. But it wasn't until later in life when he read the works of Ketchum, Laymon, Keene, and Lee that he realized the possibilities of the dark fiction story.

Still his greatest influence were horror movies and shows. Twilight Zone, The Nightstalker, Circle of Fear, and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark left and indelible mark on him and inspired the desire to create in others, the emotions these productions stirred in him. Perhaps the greatest effect of growing up on television and movie horror was in the particular writing style he was to develop. Stories that read with the pace and suspense found in the visual mediums.

Born in  the small town of Northford, Connecticut. He earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Connecticut and was recipient of the New England Scholar Award. He spent the past twenty-five years working as a criminal behaviorists and forensic interrogator before becoming the Senior Vice President of marketing, consulting, and strategic development. His professional articles and interviews have been published in several journals and magazines including Security Solutions and Family Circle. 

Today, Raymond lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife. Although their five, adult children have moved one, Raymond continues to share his castle with their 155 pound "puppy" Zeus. The two often debate the merits and drawbacks of feeding Twinkies to a dog...to date Zeus has won all the arguments.